The Emperor’s Table at Diya

Sometimes the food and the menu is just a dot on the canvas of culinary extravaganza as grand as The Emperors Table curated by my dear friend Ashish Bhasin (Exec.Chef) in collaboration with Salma Husain aka Salma Aapa who is an institution in herself.

The amount of research and stories this man (read Ashish Bhasin) has gathered is no less than a giant feat. He has something to tell on every dish and every aspect of it, related to Mughals and their lifestyle and the wars they fought and the wives they had to their children and the love for their ancestral place, Persia and the nearabouts.

Hats off to the General Manager, Mr. Jaideep Anand who has always been at the helm of great things, this being one of them. The design of the Menu to the decor everything has been done to perfection.

Mughlai food is one of its kind as every dish has a story and a rich history behind it. From the rise of Babar to the decline of Bahadur Shah Zafar this royal cuisine has travelled almost 500 years till date.

Extensive use of milk, cream and butter in various gravies and curries and different spices, saffron, dry fruits, ghee and other dairy products makes the traditional Mughlai dishes royally rich and embellished.

I was floored by the sheer hard work and research done by the team,right from the ingredients, preparation, expertise to the time one takes to prepare and how and why that particular style came into being are very unique and out of the box.

Kudos to our shy Chef Ajay Sahoo who worked day and night,made almost a 100 dishes and then finalised a few from them for the ongoing festival.

The repertoire of dishes covers a good range of Vegetarian as well as Non vegetarian dishes and the taste fluctuates from extremely mild to spicy and the dishes have a close association with a peculiar aroma and the flavor of spices.

Festival at #DIYA

Till 24th March

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