Sühring at TAJ Mahal

Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi has been a trendsetter in terms of food and beverage when it comes to global as well as local cuisine for nearly four decades now. This time they proudly presented the Kings of contemporary German Cuisine from Bangkok’s Number 1 Restaurant…. Sühring

What we expected?

When we think about Germany, we always tend to visualize the engineering marvels and automobiles. Germany has never been associated with special food offerings, except the Pretzels and Bratwurst. But that doesn’t mean the country has anything less to offer in terms of food, each region has its own specialities and variations.

What we experienced?

Trying to make this cuisine as one of the most talked about , Suhring brothers are doing a fabulous job at their restaurant in Bangkok. Opened in 2016, It was quickly debuted as No. 13 in the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia, a list sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. For Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list, the restaurant was highly ranked at No. 4.

It was an ultimate pleasure to be at the Exclusive Media Table for the Sühring dining experience as the Michelin Starred Chefs, Thomas Sühring and Mathias Sühring made their maiden culinary visit to New Delhi.

The twin Sühring Brothers have traveled and worked in many kitchens like French and Italian but they always wanted to make their home cuisine popular.

In our discussion with the brothers,
Thomas and Mathias Sühring said, “They always wanted to showcase the best of modern German fare inspired by our childhood memories, family recipes and years of travelling experience combining the essence of traditional dishes with contemporary Central European influences ”

As per them, German cuisine has always been robust and intense for the reason they use fat rich meats and also it’s richer due to heavy use of butter and cream. Though, for all the good reasons their modern take on this cuisine is much lighter, using less butter and fats, even the vegetarian options have been specially added to their repertoire so as to cater the Asian customers especially Indians. They are proud and happy about it, even their restaurant has a separate vegetarian and non vegetarian menu.

We could very well relate to their philosophy when we tried their beautiful creations. The use of traditional techniques like curing of lamb and then smoking it with herbs, pickling the fish, drying of a few ingredients to make flavours more precise and combining all this with the latest trend of sharing portions, tapas style plates and molecular gastronomy. We also experienced the making of fresh Spatzel (egg knodle or pasta) in the kitchen with the Suhrings, this was an amazing dish combined with Cheese and Truffles, comforting to the core. They created a storm with support of Exec.Chef Arun Sundarraj and enthused everyone asking or more.

Highly modern approach to food but the flavours are intact and even more pronounced than the traditional style of cooking renewed vision of German gastronomy.

Well, the twins have certainly changed that perception of German food with their style of cooking, achieving the number one spot in Bangkok after just a year of opening in 2016 and a Michelin star to follow.

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