Club Cuba – Party in East Delhi

We have had a fairly good dose of historical monuments and street food, when it comes to Delhi’s highlighting factors. But it’s much more than just ruins and old city culture.

At the break if the new century, whilst we were still in our studying years, their were hardly any options to party out other than a few five star hotels. Gradually the scene started changing and over the last few years we have myriad of options being it standalones or hotels serving great foreign cuisines and drinks.

The most recent being Club Cuba at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. East Delhi got lucky finally, to get this upmarket and classy place to spend their lively evenings at.

An elegantly designed place with the appropriate amount of quirkiness to it. An all creamy Caribbean colours with poppy Cuban murals and pictures adorn the walls. The upscale ambience gets even better with the candle lit interiors which just makes it classy to the core.

A hip cigar lounge with a great selection of Cuban cigars just outside the club next to the swimming pool is another highlight of this place. Cuba is such a beautiful country, and everywhere you go, there’s music and people dancing.

The pulsating Cuban culture and the vibrancy of its music, culture and food is clearly evident in each and every element of this place.

We had a great time in the company of friends over some beautifullly crafted cocktails and nibbles.

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