TRIPLE 8 – Is it the Eighth Wonder !

Do we know the influence and power of our surroundings and ambience we are in? It’s the same influence we have on our surroundings. It’s a proven fact that our home or our own space is a direct manifestation of our inner self. Also, to create a special mood and vibe interiors of a place play a major role. One such place which just made me say Wow! It is the newly opened restaurant Triple 8 at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi. The beautiful interiors very well portray the elegance and the sophistication of its promoters and the concept.


Yes the same Ansal Plaza at Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi which is the first mall in India and opened around 1999. The place was always buzzing with activity till 12-14 years ago. Then it changed into no less than a ghost town. Since, last 2 odd years when it was relaunched its trying its best to rise from the ashes and I am sure it will if the product offerings are of superior quality and attract crowds as it would long back ago.

Triple 8 is one such example, which promises to be one of the game changers amongst few other good options which have also opened up in the same complex. The promoters are old timers in the business and own brands like Tamasha, which is a stunner in CP. The team at this brand new Asian restaurant Triple 8 is a blockbuster, which includes Chef Vivek Rana is well known for his stints as the Executive Chef at Indian Accent, New York, and Tamarai, London.


South East Asian cuisine has gained ground in India already with more and more people going out to eat and enjoy this hearty cuisine. Quite a similar taste to that of our home cuisine, this cuisine gives a plethora of options to its customers, from Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Burmese, and Korean the cuisine has so much to share with Indians.

So, why the name Triple 8, no it’s not the address of this place. We were informed by Mr. Jaideep Anand (co-owner) that 8 is a lucky number for them, but if we also look deeply 8 is considered to be the most auspicious number as per Chinese culture. With pronunciation of ‘Ba’ in Chinese, no. 8 sounds similar to the word ‘Fa’, which means to make a fortune. Further, taking this thought ahead Triple 8 they have eight signature cocktails, eight signature wines, and eight signature items on the main course.

Goat Brain Tempura

This beautifully done place in hues of wine and burgundy is situated on two levels. The top level houses a nice Sushi bar, and a private dining space which is apt for hosting small parties and having a peaceful meal in the privacy of your people. The lower level comprises of a lounge bar and a great dining space which is so very inviting.

Food here is a winner, be it the Wok and fry dishes like the Goat brain tempura ,yes you read it absolutely right served with kimchi to create textures is a must have dish.

The Belgian Pork Belly Yakitori is a stunner again, with all the flavours and succulence being just perfect. For the Dimsum lovers you are just going to fall in love with the chef, we tried the Pork and Leeks Dimsum which was an absolute delight. How could we even dare to miss the Sushi and Sashimi here, when it’s being made by none other than the expat Japanese Chef Hiroshi Isomura, who is an ex-Oberoi and has more than 35 years of hands on experience under his belt.The quality and the freshness of the fish and ingredients could well be seen and experienced by both our sight and taste.

Pork Belly Yakitori
Sashimi Platter

For the mains, we were suggested to try the Lamb shank Malacca served with Mantao buns. It’s a very relatable flavour; the very first look of the dish is so Indian as its thick gravy coated onto the lamb shanks. We had it as it should be enjoyed, with hands. Rubbing off the plate with soft buns, it’s just heavenly.

Lamb Shank Malacca Mantao Buns

We were a little unlucky though, as we couldn’t try the cocktails and other wonderful bar creations on our visit as they were still waiting for the liquor license. But, I am curious and excited to try their signature concoctions on my next visit as the Asian ingredients such as Pandan, Jaggery, Lemongrass, Galangal, Nori, Miso and Jasmine, Matcha are an integral part of this menu.

Mascarpone Tart Rambutan Dessert
Custard Buns

Last but not the least; we completed our fabulous meal with Matcha Green Tea Mascarpone tart served with Rambutan lemongrass compote and the other wonderful dessert was the Custard Bun Yuzu Cream drizzled with luscious condensed milk. Can we get more complex! Yes, the complexity in these mind-blowing desserts is just what defines their quality.


What : TRIPLE 8

Where : B -103A, First Floor, Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

Avg Cost for 2 : ₹2,500 ++ for two people (approx.)

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