The Whisky Bar – A Sassy Newcomer

A sassy newcomer in town which is definitely here to stay!

The longest whisky bar in the city which is over 60 ft and runs a conveyor belt too. Housing more than 110 brands and adding more each day, they have one of the best collections in terms of whisky. Be it the Single malts, scotches or be it the Japanese whiskies.


All you foodies you are here for a treat as the options are wide and great.


If you are looking for something classy with a little bit of soulful music to tune in your system THE WHISKY BAR is the place for you. A nice and elegant ambience which is quite different than the other run of the mill places in sector 29 running only on the so called freshly brewed beer.

Quite a bold decision by none other than Dheeraj Sapra, who is an ace Interiors and Bathrooms designing professional and Mr. Shiv Saran ( Co-founder). A place which is based on whisky and selected spirits in a location which runs mostly on packages and beer. I must congratulate him for this and the product he has created.

The cocktails are delightful and every cocktail is so refreshing and unique, it clearly shows the research and man hours spent in curating them. Nothing beats the classic whisky sour with a twist and you can’t miss the mixologist’s  specials here.

Mixologist -Gaurav Dhyani

Gaurav Dhyani is a big talent hub an has worked with big names/hotels in the industry. The creative side of this man can be only experienced once you are at the bar counter.

Chef Kulbeer Rana

To complement his inimitable creations, Chef Kulbeer Rana has done his bit too.


Blending of ingredients and food will not only give a high to your taste buds but would want you to come here for another visit. Both the Chef and the Mixologist are one of the best in the industry.


The Curated Buzz recommends:


Vietnamese veg rolls








The blend of asparagus, cucumber, bell peppers and sesame sauce was quite fresh, loaded with flavors and interesting texture, if you are health conscious these spring rolls can control your waist line also without compromising on the taste.


Bourbon Glazed Tandoori Short Ribs

A lovely dish of short ribs perfectly cooked in a tandoori masala and coated with a Jack Daniel’s glaze , I am drooling already.


Whiskey BBQ’d duck roll

This was a great starter, crispy cigar rolls with succulent and flavorful confit duck which has a great hint of whisky. Plating is just awesome.


Tempura Fish Bao

Perfectly made bao with a heavenly stuffing of tempura fried fish topped up with a cheesy mayo sauce.


Kadi Risotto

YES you heard that right, the kadi with risotto is something you can’t miss, and the biteful texture with creaminess will definitely satisfy your food cravings.


Nair’s Toddy Shop Moilee Bowl

All you coastal food lovers don’t miss this at all. Sole fish roll in coconut cream sauce and appam. An ultimate combination.

Sweet Endings

To end your food journey you can treat yourself with some classic Ghenoffie (a new avatar of Bannofie) pie, which is not only a treat to your eyes but even to your sweet taste buds!

This place has flavour, excellent presentation, great service and overall is a classy restaurant.

My only concern is the location, that’s Sector 29, Gurugram famous for the party culture and watering holes serving freshly brewed beer at unbelievable prices. Don’t know How!

A place like Whisky Bar which is based on the best of Whiskies and Single Malts and food and is not run of the mill, has kind of exclusivity attached to it. This experience, the way they are targeting comes at a price which they deserve well.


I wish them all the best for the same.



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