Thai cuisine is the cultural heritage that represents the Thailand and is highly popular throughout the world. From Som Tam to Pad Thai to green/red curries, Thai Food is famous all over the world for its exotic flavors and unique aromas holding in it a subtle glimpse of South East Asian gourmet. Thailand or Siam as it was previously known is the only country in South East Asian which has never been colonized by the West. This has made the cuisine even more authentic and special with almost no influence from them, though its Asian neighbors’ have influenced it in a big way.

Though people from almost all over the world have either visited or planning to visit Thailand especially its capital Bangkok for all the obvious reasons ( don’t quote me here J) other than food. But if you haven’t found the time to take that exotic voyage to this lovely country till now, never mind, you can sample a true Thai adventure, courtesy of your taste buds, in the comfort of your neighborhood at Thai Pavilion. I bet, you’ll get hooked onto the flavors of Thai cuisine, and keep craving for more.


I have always liked Thai food for its unique complexity of flavours. . Thai Pavilion, since it started way back in Mumbai has been an exceptionally good place when it comes to serving the best of Thai food. A legendary restaurant by Taj, in Gurgaon is the third one after Mumbai and Hyderabad is the brainchild of iconic Chef Ananda Solomon. After an extensive research and learning the intricacies of this cuisine this restaurant was established.

The restaurant interiors – carved teak walls, neo-classical artifacts and detailed panels inspired by the Grand Palace, Bangkok’s Royal Hall – presents a Zen space to indulge in the all-sensory cuisine of Thailand, paired with world-class wines.

Chefs at Thai Pavilion have a no compromise attitude and serve the best of the exotic ingredients and other stuff on your plate. Everything is made from the scratch, be it the curry paste or the freshly scraped and squeezed coconut cream and milk for the curries and soups.

Tom Kamin Kai

Chef, got us  a fresh turmeric soup Tom Kamin Kai which was a clean and fresh broth having the most refreshing flavour of lemon grass and turmeric with added mushrooms and chicken, it was an amazing concoction. Beautifully Subtle, basic and complex at the same time. Complexity doesn’t translate into complicated at all; on the contrary Thai food is very simple and not just spicy as it’s deemed always to be. It’s a perfect balance of spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Pla Yang Raad Preaw Ped, Kai Haw Bai Toey, Miang Kham Khak ), Som Tam Salad

The appetizers included Pla Yang raad Preaw Ped (pan-grilled John Dory, sour and spicy sauce) Kai Haw Bai Toey (deep fried marinated chicken morsels wrapped in pandanus leaves), Miang Kham Khak (silken tofu, betel leaf, chilli basil sauce), Som Tam (young papaya salad, sweet and spicy sauce). Though each one was amazingly delicious but the star for me was the chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves, the feeling was just wow. The main course covered the Gaeng Phad Kai (Thai red curry with chicken), Phad Kai Bai Kraprao (stir fried ground chicken, sweet basil, red chilli), Phed Phak (home style stir fried vegetables), Khao Hom Mali (steamed jasmine rice)

The flavors used in Thai food are way beyond the other cuisines of the world. The unique combination of flavors and vegetables, as well as meats, makes the authentic international Thai cuisine we all love.

Gaeng Phad Kai, Phad Kai Bai Kraprao, Phed Phak, Khao Hom Mali

To complete our flavorful journey to Thailand we were served an elegant platter of sweet treats, which included Tub Tim Grob (diced water chestnut, coconut milk) Khao Neao Mamuang (sticky rice, fresh mango)… Plateful of freshness, we ordered a repeat for the same and relished each one of the treats to the core.

Tub Tim Grob, Khao Neao Mamuang

Unfortunately, Thai desserts have often been overlooked or left out of the menu in most Thai restaurants because of very intricate preparation methods. Thai desserts are exotic and tropical, plus healthy and lower in fat and calories than most Western-style desserts. Many make use of fresh fruit, and most are also gluten-free. Enjoy!

The Thai Masterchef Prajuab Shoosridam at Thai Pavillion who has served global luminaries like the late Nelson Mandela and Jacques Chirac, has retained classics while infusing bold new flavours in the menu. Always ask for the seasons latest as the Chef keeps travelling to Thailand to get back his bagful of herbs, spices and other exotic stuff. The menu is keeps freshening up with the seasons.



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