Food Festivals and more

The month of April has been a fun roller coaster ride for us, as we have just been running from one hotel to the other in search of some great food. So many food promotions and such innovative team work has kept us busy eating and enjoying this month. Though, some of the festivals are about to get over by now but still you have ample time to savour the others.

These food festivals are a much-celebrated gastronomical event which the hotels organize frequently but in a new ‘avatar’ every time allowing the Chefs to show their innovative side in their offerings as they experiment with different themes and cuisines to come up with a new and exclusive menu for each such festival.

The GT Culinary Trail at Café G

This culinary voyage to the various regions along the GT Road has too much to offer. This festival aims to capture the diverse and rich food culture of the places along this famous route.

Cuisine along the Grand Trunk Road from Kabul to Kolkata” presents a compelling and beautifully illustrated history of the road since its emergence as ancient India’s first route for traders and invaders.

Ambience at Cafe G

The team up of the F&B Director Mr. Umesh Dalal and the Exec. Chef Nilesh Dey is an inimitable combination of perfect planning and superb execution.

The ambiance of the whole place and the seductive flavours which have been created range from the barbequed temptations of the North West Frontier to the sumptuous secrets of the imperial dastarkhans of capital region; from the succulent kebabs of the Awadh region to the not so explored Bihari cuisine and the sweetest of all Bengali too.

A festival of festivals, you can enjoy a different region altogether everyday which is repeated only after 6 days. I am visiting again for a different regional food offering for sure.

Amritsari Promotion

Ambarsariyan – Flavour of Amritsar

Who doesn’t love the ever so popular Amritsar cuisine? Run for your share to Café on 3 for some droolicious food from the land of Punjabis. The Sarson ka Saag, Maa ki Daal, Kadi Pakora in the most authentic style of Amritsar. For the non vegetarians they have the inimitable Butter chicken, Beliram Mutton and the Fried Fish, a must try dish. The tawa dishes like the keema boti are just not to be missed at all. The sweet side offerings include the Patisa, Pinni and the Moong Dal Halwa (Don’t even try to miss this) and larger than life Kulfa.

Assortment of Amritsari Dishes
Bar Setup Desi Style

This hotel is one of the most dynamic hotels as far as the F&B is concerned. The credit goes to the F&B Team of course, under the expert leadership of Suprabhat Roy Choudhary.

Tawa Boti

They regularly keep doing something or the other with great research which definitely helps to become a vibrant food and beverage destination in the city.

Awadhi Promotion

The Aromas of Awadh – Awadhi Food Promotion

We all love kebabs, expecially the ones which hail from the land of Nawabs. The cuisine includes both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes prepared with exotic spices, herbs and garnished with dry fruits The Shaami kebab, Galouti kebab or as simple as the Seekh kebab, the boti kebabs and many more.

Assortment of Dishes

Courtyard Marriott Gurugram has specially flown in Chef Abdul Haleem for showcasing this fabulous and royal cuisine. His expertise in the Awadhi cuisine is very much evident in his dishes. The subtle Itr ki Dal (humble dal scented with rose itr) or be it the Meat Pulao. Mild flavours and a whiff of finesse just embalm the whole experience.

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