Rooh – Soul of India on a Plate

A truly international yet authentic Indian experience awaits you at Rooh, the newly opened restaurant in Ambawatta One, a beautifully refurbished haveli in Mehrauli.

Chef Sujan Sarkar is a genius and that reflects in almost every dish and drink that leaves Rooh’s kitchen. While their unique preparation methods and ingredients will make you feel like their dishes are at par with the most creative and intelligent continental dishes, their flavours will explode in your mouth to remind you of the authenticity that can be found only in the popular food streets of India.

If you’re a fan of variety like I am, I suggest you try their tasting menu that will make sure you don’t miss any of the intelligent, intriguing cooking that is Rooh and Chef Sujan’s USP. What you see on your plate is going to be entirely different from what it tastes like, but both the visual presentation as well as the genuine Indianness of its taste are sure to blow your mind.

With a cocktail menu that’s divided by flavours and not spirits, they have really upped the game in the cocktail bar segment. Their use of Ayurvedic and herbal ingredients like turmeric, walnut honey and other Indian spices gives their cocktails a tasteful twist that is quite quirky. My favourites were Kale & Cucumber, a gin-based cocktail with egg whites and raw mango extract blended to perfection with kale and cucumber juice; and Qutub One, a whiskey-based cocktail infused with chocolate bitters that will surely delight you.

I love how their menu begins with palate cleansers like amla and passion-fruit based little treats that prepare you to do justice to the taste of the delicacies to follow.

We began with their savoury doughnut variants, mushroom for vegetarians and pork for the meat lovers, before moving on to a kind of bhurji that I doubt you would have ever had before.

This smooth liquid bhurji looked like a member of the dip family until we tasted it with their warm toasted bread to realize that it’s an amazing version of one of North India’s favourite snacks – Egg bhurji!

One of the most memorable dishes of the day was the fermented Aloo parantha served with goat curd and tomato pickle, indeed it was one dish i can die for eating.

Next came a cold soup with two distinct layers, green and orange (the best application of chemistry lessons on liquid density I’ve seen yet), and an intricately crafted melon sitting in the centre. One spoonful took me back to my school days in Bangalore where rasam rice would be my go-to comfort meal – their cold soup is actually a genuine rasam that my South Indian friends would be happy to vouch for!

For the main course, we first had lamb chops, a succulent preparation that was soft and juicy on the inside while retaining a right amount of texture that left us wanting more. The rich sauce it was sitting on complemented it so well, I was convinced that the law of diminishing marginal utility couldn’t possibly apply to this dish!

Next came the rare Sea Bass in Alleppey curry with prawn cannoli and bone powder podi that served us with the feeling of a full coastal Indian meal in just a small bite, the homogeneous coconutty curry stole the show for me.

For dessert, we were surprised by a jamun sorbet that was so beautiful, both in taste and appearance. Moreover, it didn’t just taste like a ripe jamun, it even left my tongue purple afterwards! The second dessert looked exactly like a raw egg with a piece of eggshell in it, and I won’t reveal what it turned out to be because that’s something definitely worth a surprise that I wouldn’t want to ruin for you.

The Qutab view restaurant offers three unique sitting spaces, a vibrant bar, a soothing pastel dining area, and an adorable outdoor seating area that’s just perfect for Delhi’s winter months. A few private rooms adorn the periphery of the bar, making sure every guest gets a seating of their choice for an experience that’s nothing short of a culinary journey across the country.

After its success in San Francisco, Rooh’s come to Delhi to make a mark with its superior technology enabled cooking that’ll remind you of home in every bite. Rooh is a place that’s meant to take your taste buds on a trip like no other.


Blog Contributor – Shubhi Tiwari


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