We are a festival nation. The wide variety of festivals celebrated in India is a true manifestation of its rich culture and traditions.¬†Of the many festivals we celebrate in our country, Lohri is the first to come at the start of the year. Popular belief in Punjab is that it marks the end of peak winters but traditionally it’s related to the harvest of Rabi crops. This festival is quite easy to remember as it always falls on the 13th January by default.

Khajoor te Lal mirch Da Paneer Tikka

Punjab being an agricultural state, the next day is thus celebrated as their Financial New Year (Makar Sankrant) Every festival is associated with food and that too celebratory cuisine. Lohri is not an exception at all, everything from Sarson ka Saag, Desi Ghee, Butter and Jaggery Rice, Til (sesame) Gajjak, Pop corns and even Non vegetarian food is consumed.
Ajwain te Peeli Mirch wale Jheenge
Dera Ismail Khan di Mutton Chaamp
We as Delhiites being in a city only indulge in good food of all sorts associated with the festival and celebrate the festival with family and friends over a Bon fire.
Dhaba at The Claridges, New Delhi, being an icon of Punjabi Cuisine has always been a frontrunner in this regard. A Team of talented Chefs like Tikka Manpreet Singh and his team has curated a wonderul menu which is full of rustic ingredients from the Pinds (rural areas of Punjab) and tradition. Dal Palak with Bathua, Fukkan wala Sirka Paneer, Chaunk ke Chhole, Tali Machchi, Mutton Chaamp, Aloo Hara Choliya and even Achari Kathal (Jackfruit).
With Team Dhaba
Gajrela and Gur Kheer
I loved the Hari Moong Dal Palak Bathua to the core, though I am a hardcore meat eater. Dishes which are not so common but are eaten regularly at homes in Punjab have been brought to the dining table. The service is impeccable and outstanding. The menu at Dhaba is iconic and has some dishes which have been so strongly working for a long time and have been a big hit for last many years like the Balti Meat, Mutton Boti, Dal Dhaba to name a few.

I highly recommend this place if you are craving for a typical Punjabi style meal which include the world favourites Dal Makhni and Butter Chicken of sorts.

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