Argentina at Machan

The Taj Mahal New Delhi has for decades brought in the best of global experiences, be it in terms of luxury or cuisine.

With the Argentine Food Festival, the brand once again brought to the city yet another exquisite spread of exceptional flavours and introduced again, cuisine which is celebrated the world over for its unique profile and character.

H.E.Mr. Daniel Chuburu with Chef Patricia and Chef Arun Sundararaj

Machan at Taj Mahal New Delhi is one of iconic most sought after all day dining which is known for its various signature dishes like Bulls Eye, Grilled Club sandwich which taste heavenly and always the same. Old patrons will agree to this, I am sure.

Media Table
Vegetarian Locro

Bringing a little bit of Argentina to Delhi The Taj Mahal New Delhi presented an exotic array of Argentinian treasures with this Argentine Food Festival. We got an opportunity to indulge our senses and this food festival offers a specially crafted range of authentic Argentinian delicacies at Machan.


As Argentine food is strongly influenced from Italian, French and popular Spanish cuisines, celebrated Chef Patricia Suarez Roggerone from La Vid, Bodega Norton and Exec. Chef Arun Sundararaj have done wonders with their creations.

Spinach Tortellini

The traditional dishes like Humitas, Empanadas, Carbonada of veggies and the Chicken Puchero not to forget the Spinach Tortellini were just amazing. Mind it the flavours are simple and not overdosed with spices, you can very clearly get the real taste of ingredients.

Tomatican Egg Confit
Chicken Puchero

Due to restrictions on certain types of meat in our country, the Asado ( grilled meats , especially beef) which happens to be the national dish of Argentina couldnt be included in this spread.

Yerba Mate Tea – Celebrating Argentina

One of the most important Argentinian beverages is Yerba Mate tea. Tea drinkers brew the mate in beautiful gourd cups and sip it with a silver straw called a bombilla. We were lucky to have savoured the same Machan and so can you.

Trio of Desserts – Poached Fruit – Caramel Custard -Yerba Mate Sorbet

For a cuisine that is not so popular in India, this festival seems to have a favourable effect on the foodies and otherwise too, Taj Hotels have always been frontrunners in this regard.


Machan, Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi
13th to 19th January, 2019


Lunch -12.30-15.30
Dinner – 19.30-23.30

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