Valley Beckons at Indus Express

Kashmir not only offers mesmerising locations but also a wide range of lip smacking and exotic delicacies. As the winter onsets in Northern Plains, we the hungry Dilliwalas always crave for this exotic cuisine.

Due to the use of certain spices in Kashmiri cuisine which give special taste and aroma to the food, like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, saffron and fennel which are generally considered hot are used widely in different Kashmiri cuisines, while garlic and onion are not used much in both Pandit as well as Muslim cuisine.

Kashmiri Sampler

Taj Hotels has always been a frontrunner when it comes to authenticity of any regional or foreign cuisine. Keeping it on, Chef Sewa Singh has been flown in from the Taj Srinagar to curate this beautiful festival which comprises an array of dishes both from the Pandit and Wazwan cuisine.


The food is beautifully done as always, incorporating certain vegetarian delicious cacies like the Dum Aloo, Haaq, Nadru Yakhni as well as the ever so popular meat dishes like the Rogan Josh, Waza Murg and Seekh and the Goshtaba.
Generally Kashmiri cuisine, most of which is marked with ample use of turmeric and yogurt is quite rich in flavour but mild in taste. Even the curry day she’s do nt have too much gravies, and are kind of coating consistency mostly eaten with boiled rice.

Not to forget the inimitable Kahwa (saffron and spices tea) which is a staple in the valley, its soothing and hot properties make you feel relaxed and warm in the harsh winters. We had a good repeat of this at least twice after the satisfying meal.

Kashmiri Menu is available as Ala Carte where you can order individual portions of different dishes, also an option of ordering a Sampler is available in which you will be served an array of 6-7 dishes from the region. Most of the dishes will be incorporated in the Menu as well to savour upon even later.

Unmatched Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka hospitalty combined with the best of culinary tradition makes Indus Express one of best food havens in the city.


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