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When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do..Eat as the Roman’s Eat.. Though Italian but still a little unique in its own way… Heavier on meats and butter and love for Offals is what makes it different than the typical Italian fare.

The cuisine we think of today as distinctly Roman is the result of years of converging influences, from the pastoral traditions of the surrounding countryside to Rome’s Jewish community, the oldest in Europe.

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The food eaten traditionally was quite humble and inexpensive, using simple techniques to highlight what’s available and in season.

But all this thrift and humility doesn’t mean the food is bland and plain — Roman food also encompasses bold flavours.

You might think pasta is pasta, and that you can get pasta anywhere in Italy. Yes, you will find some form of pasta just about everywhere in Italy, but the types, shapes, and toppings change from region to region.

Pasta in Rome is typically long, such as spaghetti, fettucine, tagliatelle or tagliolini and few forms of dry pasta.

Sevilla at The Claridges, New Delhi is hosting a Roman Food Festival for which they have specially flown in Chef Pierluigi Galllo who brings with himself the traditional ways of cooking native Roman dishes from his hometown Rome.

Chef Perluigi Gallo, a maestro with generations of culinary expertise gathered in his family run restaurants, has put in all his years of experience to curate this special menu for the patrons of Sevilla.

He presents a menu replete with the flavours of Rome using its special and native ingredients. Beginning with delicious soups like Cheese and Egg Buttons in Roasted Fish Stock
Or Green Tomato Extract(A light cold soup) Lemon Basil and Cod in oil-based cooking.

Lamb Tartar, Trufle and grilled lamb mayo

Green Tomato Extract

The guest can then partake of succulent starters like Salmon Salad with Cacciatore Sauce, Octopus, Beans and Onion Sorbet in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Lamb Tartare, Truffle and Grilled Lamb Mayonnaise, Low-Tempered Egg, Bacon, Potato Foam, and Cocoa to name a few.

Ricotta Gnocchi with Mint and cherry tomato confit

Lamb chop chickpea mayo
Duck breast

The gourmet can savour the best in pasta with Ravioli with Scampi Lemon, Pink Pepper and Tarragon, Ricotta Gnocchi with Mint and Cherry Tomatoes Confit, Provola Eggplant Tortelli and Roasted Tomato and Fettuccine. The unforgettable main course will have luscious Braised Lamb Chop Chickpea Mayonnaise, Potato Millefeuille; Amarena Laccata Grouper, Spinach, Fried Alioli Sauce, Sour Cherry Yoghurt; Duck Breast Glazed with Apple and Onion Extract, Almond Ice cream and Sour Broccoli; Lobster Croquettes, Pea Sauce, Ice-cold Watermelon and Roast Potatoes.

We enjoyed our beautiful meal especially the beautifully cooked Duck and the Lamb chops which were just bursting with all its natural flavours. The Sea Bass with the most crispy skin was done amazingly well,subtle and simple.

Don’t forget to wind up this beautiful evening with the luscious desserts like the Ricotta, Creamy Chocolate and Raspberries and Coconut White Chocolate and Passion Fruit.

A must visit for all the gourmands who love finer things in life in one of the most romantic ambience in the heart of Delhi.

Venue: Sevilla, The Claridges, 12, A.P.J Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi, 110011

Timing: Dinner- 1900Hrs – 2345 Hrs

Duration of Festival: 15th August to 29th August 2018

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